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Laboratory Cleaning

Updated: May 10, 2023

What makes a laboratory, what specific qualities are intrinsic to a controlled environment such as a research laboratory or research facility? Within a controlled environment, the space must be just that: highly controlled. Oftentimes these facilities are designed to ensure every aspect can be monitored, regulated and measured. What often is not realized though, although these facilities were designed to be controlled and are in their nature clean spaces, they must be consistently properly maintained in a way that preserves their cleanliness.

The equipment, tools and materials used within these laboratories are highly susceptible to outside influences. Take for example, a laboratory that is performing research on DNA but be highly controlled to ensure integrity, but when using RNA, the perimeters are much smaller due to the extremely small size of RNA compared to DNA. The higher standards of laboratory and controlled environment cleaning become vitally important when pathogens, viruses, and the use of strong chemicals are added into the equation: the individuals who are working within these spaces must be highly trained in processes as well as emergency protocols. A dangerous situation in a laboratory can have serious health and environmental consequences if not handled correctly. Hiring a certified cleaning service such as Nx2 Services ensures that the technicians assigned to your facility have the highest level of training and experience in laboratory and controlled environments. Our technicians understand the importance of the work our customers perform and are diligent in providing an environment that continues to be conducive to our customer's success.

Nx2 Offers a variety of services for our commercial customers:

-Life Science facility cleaning: These can be part of an educational facility or its own entity. These environments often contain biological as well as chemical and radioactive materials that must be treated with extreme caution. These facilities also require some of the most demanding cleaning specification-specifications Nx2 Services is highly competent in performing.

-Water Damage Restoration: Just like all parts of a facility, unexpected water intrusion can create numerous issues within a laboratory. Every aspect of the restoration process must be carefully performed to ensure there are no unwanted residual effects, including unmitigated water that can cause microbial growth, careless cleanup processes that could disturb chemicals or experimentation or inadequate air filtration during the restoration process.

-Clean Room Cleaning: Highly controlled environments that have set parameters of operations require the highest level of cleaning to ensure that operations are not disturbed by such things as high particle counts or unacceptable microbiology results. Problems such as these can cause production delays, recalled products or shut downs.

Hiring a certified commercial cleaning company like Nx2 Services ensures that you can protect the time, products and teams of your environment. We have highly trained staff who are ready to handle the highest levels of cleaning, utilizing the appropriate equipment, tools and processes in compliance with OSHA standards, our customer's standards as well as our own. Start a consistent, reliable cleaning program to protect the integrity of your controlled environment, with Nx2 as your partner, we look forward to hearing from you.

laboratory cleaning

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