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Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Decontamination

As a leader in GMP Cleaning in New England, Nx2 Services offers VHP decontamination. Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination is a process where hydrogen peroxide is vaporized and the vapor circulates throughout the space to provide a fully decontaminated environment. The thin layer of hydrogen peroxide within the environment will reach a saturation point, or dew point that that forms a condensate over all surfaces which kills micro-organisms.

This process produces a 6-log reduction when complete. 


-Bioprocessing, biomanufacturing and production zones.

-Biosafety labs of all levels

-Cleanrooms and research labs

-Post-construction and commissioning of new suites

-Shutdown and end of campaign facility restarts

-Emergency response

-Equipment bio-decontamination 


VHP Process

Equipment Decontamination

VPH is the most effective process for decontaminating equipment 

A scientist in sterile coverall gown pipetting medium or reagents for cell culture experim

Incubators, Bio-safety Cabinets

As campaigns turnover, or an incursion happens, Nx2 can provide BSC, LFH/Fume hood decontamination. 

VPH is circulated through a closed loop system to decontaminate all portions of the enclosure. PPM is monitored through the process to ensure efficacy.


Pass Throughs & Material Airlocks

Easily decontaminate these areas of a space that are prone to contamination. Stop an incursion by setting up regular decontamination of the areas that are most common exposure risks. 

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Cage/Rack Washers & Freeze Dryers

Freeze dryers, refrigerators and washers are often not part of a regular cleaning program and can harbor contaminants. Often the surfaces inside are not easily cleaned by manual wiping due to many small parts and their complexity.

Regular decontaminations can allow a manufacturing facilities to incur less downtime by proper decontamination of these areas that are often exposed to potential contaminates. 

Nx2 Approach

VHP is an effective addition to a comprehensive contamination control program. Along with regular manual cleaning, adding in another set of chemistry on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis allows a full reset of your GMP facility.

Prior to a VHP decontamination, Nx2 personnel perform a through inspection and/or cleaning service to remove any visible soiling that may prevent the VHP from performing its decontamination. Eliminating any dust or soiling ensures that all surfaces are thoroughly treated by the vapor. 

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