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Project Services Provided to Contract Customers

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Expert Service

NX2 Services performs various manual and electrostatic disinfection services for facilities including Medical, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Commercial facilities. These facilities can be prone to viral outbreaks, making proper disinfection crucial.

Our mobile crews are comprised of trained service workers ready to be dispatched to perform critical cleaning using the most advanced and effective tools, technology, and validation.

With the popularity of open-concept work areas, there is a greater chance of contamination during the workday. Office walls and cubicles are not present to create buffers between employees and potential viruses. A sick employee can rapidly infect an entire office and cost significant losses through employee absenteeism.

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NX2 Services offers a myriad of services for hard floor surfaces. Our team is expertly trained in
hard floor restoration, cleaning, polishing, and ongoing maintenance.

We provide services on hard floor surfaces such as:

    • Ceramic Tile

    • Marble Floors

    • Granite Floors

    • Terrazzo Floors

    • Quarry Tiles

    • Concrete Floors

    • VCT Tile

    • ESD/Antistatic Floor Restoration

    • Linoleum Floors

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Service. Janitor Using Vacuum Cleaner.jpg


    NX2 Services has developed
    carpet cleaning programs that not only maintain the appearance of commercial carpets but promote the health of the building.

    Our team stays up to date on the most advanced carpet cleaning techniques to keep them a cut above the competition. Our programs will keep your carpets clean and reduce the need for replacements. We understand the needs of each type of carpet and the needs of different types of facilities.

    Our technicians are also trained in carpet restoration, including damage from flooding or heavy soiling. After a deep restoration, even long-neglected carpets have been brought back to customer satisfaction.

    Daily maintenance of high traffic areas that are most visible within customers’ facilities gives building occupants confidence in the overall health of the building. Carpet maintenance programs also eliminate the need for costly deep cleaning and extraction of carpets, lowering the maintenance cost of carpeting.

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    Our technicians have been trained in food safety standards and the importance of strictly following cleaning procedures in the kitchen.

    Ensuring that the kitchen staff has a clean space to work in, will help maintain cleanliness as well as help control any pest infestation that often occur when a commercial kitchen is not maintained properly.

    A well-designed kitchen cleaning program that works in conjunction with kitchen staff can reduce the costs as well as the problems associated with running a kitchen with a commercial facility.

    Maintenance services Massachusetts


    Our maintenance services help to take care of the smaller jobs for you.

    NX2 Services realizes it can be challenging to find a contractor to care for the little things around your facility. That is why we offer maintenance services for jobs that may be too time-consuming, or too large for the in-house office staff but too small for a commercial contractor.

    Nx2 also provides full time, part time and mobile maintenance services that can include various functions of your facility from laboratory monitoring, utility monitoring and general oversight of your facility. These services can be provided through 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift. All of our maintenance technicians are trained through our own training process and certified through outside training services.

    Give your facility the oversight that it requires with reliable, trained technicians. 



    Creating and maintaining sustainable, beautiful floors.

    Concrete is a popular flooring option for commercial and industrial applications. It is durable, long-lasting, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Polished concrete is inexpensive to maintain and continues to look beautiful for many years with proper maintenance.​ 

    Nx2 polishes concrete the right way, using either electric or propane powered diamond tipped equipment. We achieve the desired gloss level through mechanical polishing, without the use of coatings that will wear off with traffic in short time. 

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