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Healthcare facilities require specialized cleaning and sanitation to ensure the health and safety of clients, staff, and visitors.

NX2 Services has seen the evolution of Healthcare Acquired Illnesses (HAI) through our vast experience in the healthcare field. Managing a cleaning program that is effective in preventing these deadly illnesses from forming is essential to working in this field.

Our team is trained and certified to be compliant in all areas of healthcare sanitation. We ensure that the highest quality of cleaning is performed in your facility while abiding by HIPAA regulations. 

You can expect the same level of cleanliness throughout waiting rooms, front desks, corridors, nursing stations, utility closets, exam rooms, and operating rooms. 

Surgical Lights


Clinical environments require strict adherence to standards, and regulations that ensure that facilities are safe for patients.

Through understanding the needs of your facility, Nx2 can create new expectation of the way your facility should look. 

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Operating rooms, critical care units, and PACU areas require high-level cleaning as well as documentation that can be reviewed by auditing agencies that are critical to the success of a healthcare facility.

Clinical and surgical environments require the highest levels of cleaning that are performed on a periodic basis, using proper equipment and chemicals that will negate the negative effects of the processes performed within these suites. 



Developing cleaning procedures, cleaning checklists, and verification of cleaning results is a service provided by NX2 for new facilities or facilities in need of a cleaning program overhaul.

NX2 can develop a daily, weekly, and terminal cleaning program for any type of healthcare-related facility.

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