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NX2 Services specializes in cleaning controlled environments.

Our technicians are equipped and trained to handle controlled environments such as:

  • Floor Maintenance

  • Terminal Cleaning of Surgical Suites

  • Water Damage Restoration Procedures

  • Initial Certification Start-up Cleaning

  • Checklist Programs for Easy Auditing

  • Daily Cleaning Programs

  • ESD/AntiStatic Floor Maintenance

  • Incubator Cleaning Services



Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

NX2 Services serves some of the most complex and intricate laboratories in Eastern Massachusetts. As the premier provider of cleaning services for laboratories and manufacturing facilities, NX2 has extensive experience in the Life Sciences, Military Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, and BioTech fields.

With a deep understanding of the nature of the work that our customers perform, NX2 is able to work in conjunction with managers of facilities to meet and exceed their cleaning and maintenance-related needs. 

Working with a provider such as NX2 Services will create a partnership that goes well beyond daily cleaning programs. NX2 understands that value has many facets and in a large manufacturing suite, the cost of a facility closure due to contamination can have long-lasting and permanent negative effects on a facility and a firm.


Validation of your cleaning program is done through SOPs that are strictly adhered to. Checklists allow service workers to understand all levels and steps taken to perform cleaning and make their tasks understandable and feasible on a reoccurring basis. The planning, reporting, and review process of SOPs help to eliminate costly production losses or unplanned shutdowns. 

NX2 Services performs cleaning tasks with precision and care to allow our customers to run their facilities at their highest capacity.

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