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Selecting a GMP Cleaning Service Provider-Part One

Updated: May 10, 2023

Understanding the needs and complexities of a GMP manufacturing facility will allow firms to ensure that the selection of a service provider has long lasting beneficial results for both the service provider and the manufacturing firm. Creating a standardized approach will allow a manufacturing firm to ensure that specific goals are met and validated results are attainable.

cleaning service

This is part one of a multi-series blog post that will assist firms in selecting the correct cleaning service provider for their manufacturing facility.

The proper cleaning service provider will offer multiple facets that ensure the success of a manufacturing plant; ability to perform required tasks on time, in order and per the SOPs, ability to supply needed chemistry throughout the year as different levels of cleaning are performed, ability to provide training to operators working within the facility, supplying and servicing equipment needed to perform cleaning tasks and the ability to perform on-call services such as extra cleanings after facility maintenance is performed.

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