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Better Carpet Cleaning

Updated: May 10, 2023

Did you know that most traditional carpet cleaning chemicals leaves harmful toxins stuck to the carpet fibers, up to 30% of the chemicals are not extracted from the carpet and stay stuck to it like a sponge? Did you know that most traditional carpet cleaners are often over-used and cause carpets to become re-soiled faster? How do you maintain your facilities' carpets?

Nx2 creates a carpet cleaning program for its contract cleaning customers that prevents the need for heavy restoration services, keeping the carpets consistently looking cleaner also has the benefit of extending the life of the carpet in your facility. Between daily maintenance, which should be vacuuming, a weekly through vacuuming, spot cleaning when stains occur and maintaining clean traffic lines through the most travelled portions of the facility, Nx2 has the experience, training and tools to keep your carpets clean.

Through the use of Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) instead of traditional carpet cleaning chemicals, we clean down to the root of each carpet fiber, stripping away the old chemical buildup, creating a healthier, brighter appearance throughout your carpeting. Eliminating the toxic chemical building up in carpets also helps with the indoor air quality of a facility as well as preventing re-soiling.

Keep your carpets looking and feeling brilliant, create higher employee morale by having a cleaner facility and help keep your building's air clean by using Nx2 as your commercial cleaning service provider.

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