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Selecting a GMP Cleaning Service Provider-Part Four

Updated: May 10, 2023

Once a Request for Proposal has been sent to vendors and proposals have been received, a firm must perform a supplier assessment based on the detailed proposal. In addition to the qualifications being met that were in the initial vendor questionnaire, the vendor should also be able to understand and be able to rectify any issues the manufacturing firm is having with its current vendor or in-house cleaning team. Nx2's ability to identify and address problems in the cleaning process has made it a valuable partner to its customers over the years.


Ability to identify problems stems from a true understanding of the cleaning processes outlines in SOPs as well as the goals of a manufacturing process. Identifying issues requires experience and knowledge about GMP cleaning. Nx2 supervisors review processes and identify problems working with customers to create solutions before a potential problem arises.

Documentation procedures should also be qualified by the procurement team to ensure a vendor has the capacity to fulfill requirements. SOPs should include cleaning checklists that clearly exemplify the cleaning process that include daily cleanings, weekly cleanings, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly cleaning, including chemistry and processes used. Completing checklists will ensure when audits are performed, auditors will be able to validate that cleaning has been performed and if any deviations occurred, those as well as need to be documented. Nx2's supervision and service workers are extensively trained on completing and ensuring accuracy for all documentation.

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