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Selecting a GMP Cleaning Service Provider-Part Three

Updated: May 10, 2023

Once the risk level has been determined, a manufacturing firm can now quality a vendor for the work to be performed. Typically a procurement team will be tasked with researching capable firms as well as creating a scope of work to be performed within each department of the facility. In addition to procurement, a team is created that engages departments across the entire firm that will contribute to the success of a cGMP cleaning program. Departments that should be included are: Procurement, Quality Operations, Employee Work Health and Safety, Production Operations and Regulatory Compliance.

GMP cleaning service

When the selection teams creates a scope of work, creating a timeline for a bid process and transition needs to account for enough time to identify competent vendors, secure detailed proposals that include a companies current SOPs as well as ample time for training of the new firm. Executing Non-Disclosure Agreements is the first step in supplying potential vendors with the information necessary to create a proposal for services.

Due diligence questionnaires will allow a firm to determine the viability of a vendors ability to service their facility. Questions that should be present include: quality monitoring, training requirements, retraining requirements, training documentation, training efficiency metrics, EHS standards, corporate management, number of employees, services provided, relevant experience, relevant certifications and number of years in operation.


At Nx2 Services, understanding the needs for manufacturing facilities allows us to create detailed proposals for cleaning services that will reflect the true cost to service a facility. Understanding that as processes change, requirements will also change with them is key to creating a working relationship with a customers that allows them to flourish in their market. Allowing our customers to focus on what they do best by owning the cleaning process will relieve the added responsibility of facility managers that find it necessary to supervise their cleaning vendor.

By providing qualified supervision that has years of exposure to varying risk levels of manufacturing sites, facility managers receive a partner in Nx2 that they can depend on to get a job performed right, from training to execution to documentation.

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