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Selecting a GMP Cleaning Service Provider-Part Five

Updated: May 10, 2023

Once a vendor has been identified and their price is proven to be competitive, final assessment should be performed and a recommendation should be made. References should be contacted to ensure that vendor has the experience and ability to perform the tasks required of the proposed bidding site. Nx2 has been a leader in the servicing of cleanroom suites for many years with many satisficed customers, providing glowing references.

cleaning service

If site processes have changed since the Request for Proposal had been generated vendor should update based on new guidelines so that the manufacturing firm and vendor have the same expectations when the transition to new vendor is performed. Nx2 is constantly working with customers to change levels of cleaning as processes and requirements of a site change. As a process is stopped or a new process is added, your cleaning vendor must be able to adjust service levels to effectively manage the site, without excess.

When considering a transition date, understand the time it takes to transition the new vendor to the manufacturing site, including vendor's training requirements, site specific training, time to coordinate equipment needed and notice time for old cleaning vendor to stop providing services. Typically a sixty day transition period gives the old vendor, the new vendor and on site employees the time needed to perform a well controlled transition that will not leave any gaps in service.

It is important for training records to be thoroughly documented and readily available for supervisors and outside auditors that include training description and objectives as well as training rosters. Typically each varying SOP will have a separate training with accompanying rosters, ensuring all service workers are training properly on each process.

Nx2 manages all training documentation in an electronic and paper form, ensuring compliance and efficacy, further reducing the burden on facility managers.

Contact Nx2 to set up a consultation on the services being provided to your manufacturing facility. With the experience, knowledge, workforce and tools required, Nx2 can dramatically increase the efficacy of your cleaning procedures within your facility while increasing compliance and employee morale!

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